Instantly visualize abnormalities in medical scans

Within seconds, Prana.ai generates reports that highlight abnormalities, visualize points of interets and show a heat map of the medical scan. Switch between each report with just a single click!

Attend to each patient in the most timely and efficient manner

We use a unique AI-powered patient triage so that you can give all the patients the timely attention that they require. The order is updated in real time as and when newer images are processed.


Prana.ai is PACS agnostic and integrable into any existing workflow

HIPAA and NIST compliant

We ensure that our platform conforms to HIPAA and NIST regulations, and use state-of-the-art security measures

No additional hardware required

Prana.ai does not require any additional hardware to function. Data is either sent to our cloud or processed within in-house servers

Assistance with diagnosis

We classify abnormalities into multiple categories to aid the diagnosis process and make it easier to deliver a faster decision

Partner with us

We are actively partnering with hospitals and clinics across the country
to further test and deploy our platform. Please get in touch with us